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Please compare Human Resources management for McDonald's Corporation in the US and Europe. Explain the differences and if any changes need to be made.

Describe the work that must be completed to accomplish the recommended changes or adaptations. If no changes are recommended, explain what work is currently being done and why it is successful.

Describe how the work could be done most effectively. Would the work be completed by individuals, teams, or a combination of both? If no changes are recommended, explain how the work is being completed and why the current method is successful.

Justify the selection for how the work could be done and describe the approach that should be used.

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McDonald's is well-known for its dominance in the fast-food industry, although recently overtaken in total franchise locations by the ever-popular, yet recently controversial Subway with their headlines of ingredients in their bread. The concept is that McDonald's is not only an extremely large organization, but it is an organization that is continually in the limelight regarding the quality of food they serve, the brand that they continue to evolve, and the employees that work for their organization. It is important for an organization so large, which crosses over international borders to have a continuity plan in place for their human recourse strategies. McDonald's actually has worked on improving this type of methodology over the last two decades and is relatively consistent with its treatment for its workers both in the United States and in Europe, although the European countries tend to be slanted toward higher wages (Bacon, J., 2013).

Wages is not the only aspect of human resources, but it is a critical component to maintaining and growing loyal employees. Recently, fast-food workers have united to attempt to increase their wages. Offshoots of this ...

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comparing Human Resources management for McDonald's Corporation in the US and Europe. Explain the differences and if any changes need to be made.

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