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    Reserach Apple's Iphone: Challenges, Opportunities, Solutions

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    Provide basic research on Iphone and how it relates to the Apple's business model (high level). There has to be a special concentration on limitations of Iphone and the possible solutions to these limitations.

    The format should be as follows:

    Problem Statement
    Challenges and Opportunities
    Business Solution
    Lessons Learned
    Why Do I Care

    Please provide 5 references.

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    Apple iPhone

    Problem statement: Apple Computers is a strong company which is known for its innovation and quality products. This research evaluates how iPhone, the recent offering by Apple, relates to the Apple's business model and what are the weaknesses of the iPhone and how these could be overcome.

    Challenges and Opportunities: The business model of Apple combines the product innovation and business model innovation which puts the company at the center of a market. The success of Apple has been possible not just because of product innovation but also from its ability to define a workable business model, whether it is for downloading music or engaging in a face to face chat with the new iPhone4. The iPhone further pushes Apple deeper into the set-top box market as the convergence of voice, web, data, and content continues. The iPhone may be well aligned with Apple's business model, but it faces certain challenges like:

    1. The iPhone's multi-features are very attractive to a techno freak, but the concept is at the same time confusing to a mainstream mobile user. Apple's products have a history of its products being sold well initially but then fizzle out.
    2. AT&T is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the US. ...

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    The solution researches Apple's Iphone and discusses challenges, opportunities and solutions.