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Topic Selection and Justification for a Project Plan

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Please help me select one of the two options below:

Option 1
A routine upgrade project, such as upgrading the PCs for a company, or upgrading from one version of an operating system to another. The project plan for this will need to include a section justifying the upgrade.

Option 2
Selection and installation of a COTS (commercial off the shelf) solution to meet a specific business or operational need. The project plan for this one will need to include a section describing the analysis and why the specific COTS solution was chosen over the other options.

Assuming you are the project manager, describe the topic selected briefly in the format attached, along with the goals or deliverables. Help me explain why the project is being undertaken, what it intends to achieve, and the human and physical resources at your disposal. Your work should be submitted in a Word document, 1-2 pages in length

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Step 1
The project being undertaken is option 1, upgrading the PCs for a company. The explanation why this project is being undertaken is that the performance of PCs has become lackluster. The employees complain that the PCs have become aged and slow. Even though the systems have been cleaned, clutter removed, disk defragmenter, and third party tools used, the systems are still slow. A closer examination shows that the work being done by the company has changed over time. There is increased video editing, running of mathematical formulae, and scientific computing being carried out. None of ...

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