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    Executive Compensation and bank performance

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    Identify an applied business problem for the basis of your study. You can choose the problem for your project; but, you may consider selecting a problem related or similar to your proposed Doctoral Study problem. My business problem is to explore the relationship between executive compensation and organization performance in the banking industry, which has been addressed through the quantitative method. Pick at least two interviewees to use for the study.
    Prepare A two-paragraph summary of the process by which you selected your business problem, your interviewees (two or more), and how you will gain access to your participants
    A brief justification for selecting this topic and detailed information identifying why the interviewees are appropriate

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    Step 1
    The business problem selected is as follows: Even though there should be a relationship between executive compensation and organizational performance in the banking industry, it is perceived that there is little if any relationship between executive compensation and organizational performance in the banking industry. This is an exploratory study.
    The process of topic selection was a combination of literature review and interviews with two persons. The literature review includes two articles (a) (b). The literature review showed me that the quantitative method had been used. I explored the topic by interviewing two ...

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