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    Network Monitoring

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    Illustrate, analyzed, and explain the functional architecture for network monitoring configuration.

    This illustration should include the following:

    Four major components of a network system then analyzed the four major components of a network system.
    Resources for each system, analyzed and provided the resources for each system.
    Describe and summarize the relationship of the agent or manager function to the network system.

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    Networks are built using a compilation of a couple of the four major networking components. Hubs, routers, repeaters and bridges are the four the major devices used to build anything from a simple home network to an elaborate, complex network. These devices may operate as either their simple state as a hardware device, or as a complex networking tool installed with its ...

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    This solution describes the functional architecture for network monitoring configuration, including its major components and the resources for each, and a description of the agent's/manager's role in the network system.