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Networking Questions

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1. Based on the Ainsworth (2007) article, are network security best practices only based on implementing hardware and software solutions? If not, how can one of these network security best practices be customized to the needs or risks present in an organization? How are the risks to a particular organization discovered or established?

2.Based on the Friedlander et al. (2007) article, what are DNS and DNSSEC? Can DNSSEC be implemented effectively by the U.S.?

3. What are some things we need to evaluate when protecting our network?

4.What purpose does a firewall play in an organization?

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Answer: According to article, network security best practices goes beyond hardware and software. Aside from using hardware and software security tools such as antiviruses and firewall, it is also important to implement security policies within the enterprise, do background checking when hiring employees, provide security awareness training to employees regularly, and have a good plan for administering security levels to different kinds of employees. These practices can be tighten by a company who is a large scale enterprise working on very sensitive information, like a research facility, or large scale financial company. With the use of security tools for detection, risks can easily be discovered and can be addressed immediately. Intruder alarms, security locks and surveillance equipment can provide physical ...

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