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    Differentiating between a two-tier and three tier system

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    I am having difficulty with the following questions: Differentiate between a two-tier client/server system and a three-tier client/server system. Why would a firm choose one of these approaches over the other when implementing a client/server system?

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    A 3-Tier application usually has a web server, an application server, and a database server (on 3 physical servers). For a 3 tier system to work the code required will have to be different from the code needed to make a 2 tier system work. The reason behind this is, in a 3 tier system, the web server will have to make requests to code that resides on a physically different machine, i.e., the application server.

    Benefits of a 2-Tiered system. A 2-Tiered system basically eliminates the web server and the application speaks directly to the database. Performance: Because of tight coupling, a 2 tiered application will run faster. The absence of a network hop ...