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    Basic wireless network maintenance functions

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    Explain basic wireless network maintenance functions.

    Manufacturers are continuously releasing firmware upgrades for their products.

    If you were the manager of a WLAN, how would you keep yourself informed of new firmware upgrades?

    Why is it important to make sure you have the latest version of firmware installed on your equipment?

    Occasionally after upgrading firmware, the antennas in your wireless network need to be adjusted. What technology may someday eliminate this need for antenna maintenance?

    In your own words, briefly describe how this technology works.

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    Wireless network maintenance involves repairing and properly configuring the wireless network, and updating firmware. Configuring also includes setting channels on access points, checking signal strength and checking of the condition of antennae used and adjusting them to enhance transmissions.

    As mentioned above, part of wireless network maintenance is updating the firmware of the device to keep it up-to-date. ...

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