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WLAN & Backbone Network

Pat's Engineering Works is a small company that specializes in complex engineering consulting projects. The projects typically involve one or two engineers who do data intensive analyses for companies. Because so much data is needed, the projects are stored on the company's high capacity server but moved to the engineers' workstations for analysis. The company is moving into new offices and wants you to design its network. It has a staff of 8 engineers (which is expected to grow to 12 years over the next 5 years), plus another 8 management and clerical employees who also need network connections but whose needs are less intense. Design the network. Be sure to include a diagram.

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Cisco 2507 Router

Server cisco 871 wireless router
wireless access point Laptop

Note : Here the diagram shows just 4 wireless station. It will consist of as many wireless ...

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WLAN and backbone network is examined.