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    Research & discuss opportunities for a new e-business launch

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    Using e-Business and the Internet

    ? Research data that focuses on business models used for online environments. Determine how Web sites can be used for marketing, education, e-commerce and more.

    ? Based on your research and readings, write a paper describing how your preferred new business opportunity can use e-business and the digital economy to launch its business. Follow APA standards for writing the paper and citing sources.

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    E- Business and Internet

    Business Model is defined as the method of doing business in an effective way, in order to gain competitive advantage that indirectly yields more receipts. With the help of this model, one can easily assess how a company generates money by pushing its image & goodwill. Internet Commerce, Advertising and Infomediary, Customer Services, Directory services, Content Providers, etc. are certain type of business models that are used in the business in order to get success in expanding Global Market and also helps in specializing itself from other business models (Rappa, 2008).

    All the individuals, who are in search of any required information related to any field whether health, education etc. find Internet to be the best source. The most important benefit of the Internet is that the information available on it is exact. (Jawadekar, 2002). Though, the information available on the net is frequently changed and upgraded and regular up gradations are made in the Websites, so the quality and accuracy of the data cannot be assessed easily.

    The Marketing Function of an Organization is pertained with the planning, promotion and sales of products & services in the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 727 Words, APA References