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Dynamic Decision Making with Space Shuttle Challenger

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The Space Shuttle Challenger launch in 1986 was a disaster. Seven crewmen died and the shuttle program was put on hold. Using the search engine of your choice, do a search on this disaster and examine the decision-making process regarding the launch. analyze the decision-making process prior to the launch.

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Dynamic decision making with space shuttle challengers are determined. The decision-making process prior to the launch is analyzed.

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The space shuttle program was built on selling the American public and the political system that there was a need for a reusable space transportation system. The space shuttle program was approved as the means of operating in space but without the firm definition of the operational goals. The shuttle program could be used to increase national security and industry would have the opportunity for new commercial applications. Finally, the shuttle program was sold as global partnership with the European Space Agency and as a vehicle to improve national and social relationships of the different nationalities.

The method used to create economic, political and social support for the shuttle program contributed to heterogeneous engineering, which means the shuttle engineering and management decisions were made to increase support for shuttle program inside of the single mission profile with specific ...

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