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Demographic trends: employees relations and retention

Choose two demographic trends
from the list below and discuss ways in which both affect employee relations and retention efforts.

1. Aging of the baby boomers

2. Generation X and its characteristics.

3. Aging of the workforce.

4. Job growth in fields requiring more education.

5. Growth in non-white and immigrant population.

6. Education levels of minority populations.

7. Globalization of industries.

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Aging in the workforce makes all kinds of changes in the business world. There is the need for more benefits such as retirement funds, insurance, and options for medical bills. All of these have an impact on businesses. Older people expect loyalty and respect for their work in additions to rewards. This can affect how they react to other workers and to the management. The trade off of experience over younger people is a difficult one to assess. Does the company want and need more innovative thinking or new ways to do jobs or the skill and experience and knowledge that the older worker brings? Balance is a concern to ...

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Discussion on two of a list of demographic trends from a list and how they affect employee relations and retention efforts. Aging and diversity are chosen.