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Integrative Approaches to Couple Therapy

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The initial intake with a couple or an individual typically includes various topic areas, including family history, substance use history, and so on. Identify three other topic areas or specific questions you would want to ask as a part of your initial interview with a couple using the integrative approach. Provide a rationale for the importance of your choices.

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The purpose of the interview is to obtain individual psychosocial assessment before making a decision whether or not to formally diagnose the patient. Focused on an integrative approach to couple counseling, the following topics are suggested:

(a) Communication

The interviewer could inquire of the couple how if and how often do they communicate with one another? The topic of communication is important in an intimate relationship and indicates more than just talking. Rather than simply talking, a couple needs to engage in reflective listening. In fact, as noted by Bryant (2009), reflective listening should be practiced during the interview, because it allows the interviewer to avoid distortion of the client's story (e.g., his or her problem). Individuals in a coupled relationship need to know how to talk to one another in order to get along (Booth, K., Maquire, & Heller, 1999).

(b) Conflict Resolution
Conflict resolution requires negotiation. A couple is often involved in dilemmas ...

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This solution poses topics for intake interviewing in couple therapy.