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Similarities and differences of underlying assumptions.

Compare and contrast the following assumptions underlying each approach

Individual Therapy
Asks why?
Linear cause and effect
Meaning of reality objectivity

Couple and family therapy:
Asks "what"
Reciprocal causality
Meaning of reality-subjectivity

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The Free Dictionary (2011) defines underlying assumptions as a set of beliefs one holds un-questionably true about, the world, themselves and others. In order to unveil these underlying assumptions in therapy, the therapist uses a set of questions that help the therapist unveil these underlying assumptions in order for the therapist to get a better understanding of the needs of the client or clients.
Both individual and couple/family therapies have similarities as well as differences. The approach for individual is not going to be the same as the approach for couple's and families, however the questions that each therapist seeks answers for in ...

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