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Taoist Philosophy

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What does Ying and Yang have to do with Tao?

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Ying and Yang

What does Ying and Yang have to do with Tao?

The Tao concept is viewed as the flow of the universe, or the force behind the natural order. It is to be the influence that keeps the universe in balance. Tao is also associated with attitude, morality and style. Taoists view meditation as a practice as a state of awareness of all that is to be maintained, and in every moment (Brink, 2008). The Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for treating health and emotional disorder is based on the Law of Yin and Yang that manifest in everything in nature and the universe including the human body and mind (Pan, 2003). The Taoist philosophy maintains that health depends ...

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This solution discusses the principles of Ying and Yang in Chinese philosophy