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Compare Tao with Brahman of Hinduism

Compare the concept of the Tao with the Brahman of Hinduism.

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Compare the concept of the Tao with the Brahman of Hinduism

The Tao concept is viewed as the flow of the universe, or the force behind the natural order. It is to be the influence that keeps the universe in balance. Tao is also associated with attitudes, morality and style. For instance, Taoists view meditation as a practice focused on a state of awareness that is to be maintained in every moment (Brink, 2008). The Taoist philosophy is "meta-anatomicality, meta-physicality, and holistically a system of being (Pan, 242). The philosophy consisting of Yin and Yang manifests in everything in nature and the universe, including the human body and mind. Viewed from the Taoist perspective, human life is a self-balancing process through the synergetic energy of Yin and Yang. (Pan, 2003).

In Hinduism, Brahman is the one supreme and universal ...

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This solution compares the concept of Tao with the Hinudu concet of Brahman. The Tao philosophy of Yin and Yang are described, and discussed in relation to its syngertic energy, and balance in human life.