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Integration of knowledge for competency and development

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Psychologists need for professional development particularly in the area of multiculturalism and ethics. A discussion of the need for cultural competency and ethics such as to avoid mistakes in diagnoses, overemphasis on cultural differences when that is not the issue or avoid tunnel vision and personal biases.

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Ethics and Multiculturalism:

Professional Development is essential to becoming a good psychologist. Therefore, there is on- going training, and many of the courses are in the area of ethics. As a professional, you are responsible to act ethically. Therefore, you will be responsible to show competency in working with several populations be it, differences in race, ethnicity, SES, residential location, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or physique.

Multiculturalism is a generic term that indicates any ...

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Professional competency is important to psychology and therefore professional development is ongoing and should incorporate multicultural and ethics in its training.

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