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    Archimedes Principle and Equilibrium Applied to an Object

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    An object is suspended from the bottom end of a spring. With the object in air, the spring exerts upward force Wa= 30 nt. With the object immersed in water, the spring exerts upward force Ww= 20 nt. With the object immersed in Liquid X, the spring exerts upward force Wx= 24 nt.
    See ATTACHMENT for a diagram.
    Find the density of Liquid X.

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    Physics notes:
    Note 1.
    Any object in equilibrium must satisfy 'net vertical force = 0'.
    Note 2.
    When an object wholly or partially submerged in a liquid, the liquid exerts an upward force on the object. ...

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    The solution assists with finding the density of liquid X.