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    Switching Loss for the MOSFET using its datasheet provided

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    Download the datasheet from the following link and calculate the switching loss for the MOSFET when Vds = 25V and switching frequency = 1MHz


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    Power loss on switching is given by

    P(sw) = K*(Tr +Tf )*Vds*Ids*fs -----------------(1)

    K = constant = 1/2 (Usually its 1/6 to 1/2 but conventionally we take 1/2)
    Tr= Raise time = 71 ns (71 nano-second) = 71*10^-9 s
    Tf=fall time = 41 ns = 41*10^-9 s
    Vds = 25 V
    Ids=39 A
    fs= 1 MHz = 1*10^6 Hz

    Put this values in above equation-1 and ...

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