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Working with a FINFET

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As the gate length of MOSFET transistor shrinks to nanometer
scale, the operation of MOSFET is limited by fundamental physical process. One of the
most severe limitation is the inability to reach complete cut-off mode for nanometer
MOSFET, i.e., drain current wouldn't go to zero even when VGS< Vt . A new type of
MOSFET device, called FINFET (as if the device is fabricated on the fin of a fish) is
invented at Berkeley several years ago. The device holds high promise to become next generation
nanometer MOSFET structure. The device is also under intense R&D at TSMC, world's largest wafer foundry in Taiwan.
Explain in detail on the fabrication process of the FINFET. You must show a 3-dimensional view of FINFET and label the its L and W, the length and width of the
gate.(2 pages)

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