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Resource Leveling and Heuristics

Need assistance on at least a 200 word response for the following two questions

1. Describe resource leveling, its objectives, and the basic techniques to perform it?

2. What are any four heuristics for prioritizing resource allocation to activities? Why would a project manager choose one above another?

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Describe basic techniques and objectives of resource leveling, , to perform it?

Resource leveling entails businesses' utilizing resource allocation as a technique for ensuring that any conflicts that could arise in project management as a result of over-allocation is prevented by leveling resources toward efficient use within the project. To ensure that projects are completed on-time, two different approaches are taken toward resource leveling including utilizing all of the resources appropriated toward the project or completing the project with limited resources. In either approach, the project management should develop a paradigm that appropriates the, stage, phase, and tasks that will outline how the project ...

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This solution of 431 words describes the underlying concept of resource leveling and the different approaches overseen by project management. In addition, it lists the four heuristics and explains why a project manager may prioritize them. References used are included.