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    A) How are schedules generated and maintained in your place of work?
    b) Is PERT or CPM used?
    c) How is "crashing" accomplished?
    d) What mechanism is used for "resource leveling"?
    e) If the processes described in this chapter aren't used, explain how using them would improve the end results in your place of work.

    PD 13-2 Develop a network diagram using AON for a simple project in your work place. Show duration, ES, EF, LS, LF, slack (if applicable), and critical path for each activity. Use the network template depicted in Figure 13.3 or comparable model.

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    a) How are schedules generated and maintained in your place of work?

    Scheduled are generated at our work place with the following process:

     Understand the start and end date of the project from the client/stakeholders
     Understand the activities that are required to complete the project
     Understand the effort required for each activity
     Based on the effort involved in the activity and the amount of effort required for a specific skill, number of resources is decided
     All the above information is maintained in software MS Projects and a weekly review is done to update the project plan developed in MS Projects

    b) Is PERT or CPM used?

    CPM is used in the organization as it is easy to maintain and understand by a large number of people involved in the project.

    c) How is "crashing" accomplished?

    • Project manager may be faced with either (or both) situations: ...

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    This posting provides examples of PERT/CPM and Network diagram.