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Resource Leveling and Commitment

Please discuss the following.

1. An approach for leveling the resources without changing the schedule.

2. Reduction of potential effects of leveling the resources on operations.

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I. An approach for leveling the resources without changing the schedule:

Resources referred to here are the different factors of production that include people/human, machineries, equipment, capital, and others that may be involved in the realization of the project. On the other hand, schedule is target date of finish of a project or any production endeavor. Due to the nature of the production process, there is a possibility that at some points, more or some of the resources are required while in others, only few ( or may be none) will be needed. In the case of machinery and equipment, the demand for such at some points may be too high that result to work overload and possibly cause machine damage that is tantamount to cost. At some points, the demand ...

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An approach for leveling resources without adversely affecting operations was designed. Suggestions on how to reduce adverse effects of the said approach on operations were made.