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Resource Allocation/Leveling

Resource Allocation/Leveling

Activity Duration Predecessors Personnel / Cost
A 3 Days -- 1 Systems Analyst/$260 day
B 6 Days -- 2 Programmers/$200 day each
C 3 Days A 2 Programmers/$200 day each
D 3 Days B 2 Hardware Specialists/$280 day each
E 3 Days B 1 Hardware Specialist/$280 day
F 2 Days C, D 1 Test Engineer/$300 day

Personnel Available Quantity
Systems Analysts 1
Programmers 4
Hardware Specialists 2
Test Engineers 1

Only the above personnel are currently available for the project but additional personnel can be hired at a 90% cost premium if needed.

(a) What are the resource conflicts in the above project, if any. State the activities involved, the time frame of the conflict(s), the personnel in conflict and the number of people involved.

(b) Note that operations cannot be split; what is the least cost method of resolving the conflict(s), assuming the project duration must not be extended? What additional cost, if any, will be incurred?

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Based on the updated Gantt Chart, we can see that a hardware specialist, wherein 2 are assigned to the project, has a conflict. This hardware specialist is assigned to Activities D and E at the same ...

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