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    Are crises inevitable?

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    (a) Why are crises inevitable?

    (b) How can a manager manage a crisis after failure has already occurred?

    (c) How can a general framework for crisis management apply to particular organizations?

    (d) Why is having a framework for crisis management situations essential

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    (a) Why are crises inevitable?

    Crises are inevitable because people and their attitudes towards work are constantly changing. Further, the economic makeup of our country is constantly changing. There is so much diversity in today's workplace. Therefore, there are so many different views and opinions. Crises are inevitable as most organizations are also constantly ever changing. Therefore, when change occurs, many times, either employees or the work environment create conflict and therefore crises seem to be inevitable. Many times a crisis occurs because change does not occur quickly enough. If the change in an organization occurred in a more timely manner, then it is possible that a crisis could have been prevented. Conflict in an organization causes many crises and when the management of an organization fails to react quickly, thereafter, the ...

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    This solution provides an explanation of how to manage crisis in the workplace and why a crises is inevitable.