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    Feedback loops in the Military Logistics Support Division

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    Describe at least two feedback loops in the Military Logistics Support Division organization and explain why you selected them.

    What are the effects of these feedback loops on organizational effectiveness over the short and long term?

    What changes in strategy or operations would you recommend in light of your analysis?

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    Feedback loops in the Military Logistics Support Division organization

    The organization's division is the one that supplies necessary material; say food; to the military. The feedback loops in the supply chain of the organization are to be discussed. Supply chain is responsible for the distribution of the product to the consumer at the right time and right place. Here, the consumer is the military and the logistics division has to supply food to the military.
    Reinforcing Feedback
    It is a positive or amplifying feedback. Reinforcing feedback in the military logistics organization can be exemplified by marketing research. Though reinforcing feedback is normally considered as "positive" or "amplifying", this does not carry some value judgment. It plainly means that a change in one part of the system causes a change in the other that consequently augments the change in the first.
    Things do not always have to grow either. For instance, the threat to Americans will be reduced by a reduction in foreign arms, which will possibly lead to a reduction in the U.S. arms, which will perhaps result in further reductions in foreign arms (since the U.S. threat to foreign nations is reduced.) (Learning organizations) The negative feedback loop is likely to slow down a process, while the positive feedback loop has a tendency towards speeding it up.
    The values held by OD practitioners consist of the desire to create change, to enhance the effectiveness and profitability of organizations, to have a ...

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