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    Logistics in Military

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    How can the logistics processes be improved in 'Military Logistics'?.

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    Logistics is the lifeblood of any Army. Changing how we fight influences changes in how we support.

    Improvement or changes in Military Logistics requires more than just changes in technology. Military logistics teams technology with new support techniques and dynamic logistics doctrine. The precision delivery of combat service support (CSS) is anticipatory; it provides significant efficiencies in both supply and distribution. To harness these economies, the Army must capture, process, and manage the disparate data and communications systems that make CSS occur.

    At the heart of the CSS information system is the Global Support System-Army (GCSS-Army). This system is much more than a close combat coordination and CSS delivery information system. It integrates and fuses information from the factory to the foxhole- coordinating, expediting, and managing the numerous activities in between. Performing these functions requires communications and interactions not only within and between command layers and theatres, but also between sister services. Knowledge gives leaders necessary awareness. Precise, real-time knowledge of the disposition of their assets allows commanders to maneuver CSS assets as quickly as they maneuver combat ...

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    Logistics in Military