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Organizational Learning through Networks

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Organizational Learning through Networks

I really need help in comparing and contrast between the organizational learning that occurs in a closed social unit and in an open social unit.

I need to analyze the ways in which each type of unit strengthens an organization's ability to interact within the global environment. I also need to assess the ways in which each type of unit impedes that ability.

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The following problem discusses how organizational learning occurs through closed and open social units.

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Please find your assistance for Organizational Learning in Closed and Open Social Units down below.



Organizational Learning in Closed and Open Social Units

Open and Closed Social Units
Social units are made up of organizations and individuals (Kinicki). Open social units follow open links and connections to perform business and transfer the information. Closed social units follow closed system to transfer the information.

Ways to strengthen organization's ability
There are various methods or ways through which the organizations strengthen their ability to interact with a global environment. These are as follow:
Open Social Unit
Open social unit heavily depends on the global environment to maintain or sustain its survival, as the overall business needs input of information from external environment.
Socialization: Organizations in Open social unit use socialization to strengthen their ability for ...

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