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Organizational Behavior: FMC Green River

Deliverable Length: 1 Page. Continue your analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River by focusing on employee motivation, using the Step by Step Analysis.

The topics to analyze for this unit are the following:

Job Design and Goal Setting
Performance Appraisal
Career Development

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The response addresses the queries posted in 354 words with references.

//The given discussion paper is based on the Global Business Organization named FMC Green River. In this paper, various problems in the 'Organizational Behavior' of the Company are discussed. Prior to analyze the problems, it is better to understand the requirement of the Site Manager of the Company. The Company follows various effective practices to enhance the performance of the Employees.//

Kenneth Dailey, the site manager of FMC Green River wants to motivate its employees through various ways. According to the analysis, the Green River Unit of FMC pays highest wages to its employees among all the FMC units. Due to continuous employee motivation, the working efficiency of the employees in increasing and this can be evident with the analysis of last years' productivity of the company which has doubled in past ...

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The solution analyzes job design and goal setting, performance appraisal, pay and career development for FMC Green River company. This response addresses the queries posed in 354 Words, APA Reference