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    Apple's Organizational Structure

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    1. Please compare Apple's organizational structure to the basic one (Figure 2-1) by describing what is different and what is similar.
    2. Are the any SBU's, if so, name them.
    3.Designate the market share for the business (please cite reference).

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    1. When we look at the traditional organization chart, there are various levels of management. The CEO usually has a few individuals who report to him, such as a CFO, COO and Chief of Marketing to name a few. When we look at Apple's organization chart, we can see that almost every department reports directly to the CEO. According to the chart at theofficialboard.com, CEO Timothy Cook has 13 departments reporting to him including such specialized departments as Internet Software & Maps and iOS & OS X. What this ...

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    This solution compares Apple's organizational structure to a traditional structure, outlines Apple's various strategic business units, and highlights Apple's percentage of U.S. market shares for mobile devices, smart phones, and operating systems.