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This post addresses the Dell computer case.

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Read the Strategy Implementation at Dell Computer case (see attached) and respond to the Case Discussion Questions.

1. Why has Del Moved to different kinds of organizational structures over time?
2. Has Dell's performance been improved?
3. Search the Internet to find out how Dell has been trying to increase its performance and how its competitors such as Apple and HP have also been working to improve theirs.

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Here is the discussion for your questions:

1. Why has Del Moved to different kinds of organizational structures over time?
Dell has moved to different kinds of organizational structures over time due to the changes that the company has undergone throughout their history. When Michael Dell first realized that he needed to hire additional managers, he realized that a functional structure was best, given the needs of Dell at the time. This structure allowed for the employees to be grouped by skill or task performed. This was the best organizational structure in consideration of how rapidly the company began to increase.
Later in the case, Dell realizes that this organizational structure is presenting problems, due to changes in both the industry and the company. When he realizes this, he shifts the organizational structure from a functional structure to a market structure, because it was now the optimal organizational structure for the company, given the changing conditions of both the company and the industry. The organizational structure has evolved with the company.

2. Has Dell's ...

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Snap Shot of Scenario:

Dell Computer, with close supplier relationships, encourages suppliers to focus on their individual technological capabilities to sustain leadership in their components. Research and development costs are too high and technological changes are too rapid for any one company to sustain leadership in every component (See attachment for complete scenario).

I need help to:

- State any business problem that company needs to resolve.
- Briefly summarize relevant background information.
- Describe how company with issues, if relevant.
- Comment on the appropriateness of these actions based on case understanding
- Respond to the case questions included at the end of the case in the text.

I need help to respond to the discussion questions below:

1. How has Dell used its direct sales and build-to-order model to develop an exceptional supply chain?
2. How has Dell exploited the direct sales model to improve operations performance?
3. What are the main disadvantages of Dell's direct sales model?
4. How does Dell compete with a retailer who already has a stock?
5. How does Dell's supply chain deal with the bullwhip effect?

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