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    Strategy Implementation at Dell Computer

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    Read the Strategy Implementation at Dell Computer case and respond to the Case Discussion Questions. Please see attachment for case study.

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    1.) Dell has moved to different kinds of organizational structures over time in response to the company's growth and needs. Initially, Michael Dell was able to run the business single handily, however, as sales improved, he created a functional structure, to better group employees by the common skills they perform. In part, this structure was chosen to ensure that Dell had control over the business and his managers, allowing Michael Dell to have time to find opportunities for the company. However, as the market changed and Dell began selling large amounts of computers to varying types of customers it becomes more difficult to handle the growth. In the late 1990's Michael Dell switched the company to a market structure to better serve the different needs of customers. Dell continues to change as the business changes, as well as the environment in which it operates.

    2.) Dell's performance improved as it reacted strategically to the market and business developments outlined in the case study. However, the case study points out that " Dell has also outsourced most of its customer service function to India" which the case study points out is a way to lower costs. However, as ...

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