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Personality and experience of the CEO drives strategy

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Select three successful international firms (one of them can be your employer, if applicable). To what extent does the personality and experience of the chief executive officer (CEO) of each of these firms determine and drive the firm's strategy formulation and implementation? Explain and provide references.

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Steven Jobs-Apple Inc

Steven Jobs is the chief executive officer of Apple Inc. If we look at the personality of Stephen jobs we can find that he struggled in life but always came out as a winner. While working with Stephen Wozniak, he helped to launch the first Apple computer in the year 1976. Later he successfully established Apple's line, an important factor in desktop publishing, a user-friendly, graphically oriented alternative to the IBM-Microsoft personal computer. In 1985 Steven Jobs resigned after losing a corporate power struggle in Apple and in 1985 founded the NeXT Computer Company and bought a computer animation firm, Pixar Animation Studios in the year 1986. With his good ...

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Personality and experiences of the CEO drive strategies are examined. Firm's strategic formulation and implementation is examined.

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