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Mission and Strategy comparison

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Find an organization with a stated mission and strategy that conform well to your notion of what that organization does. Then, find an organization with a stated mission and strategy that do not conform well to your notion of what the organization actually does. Companies may post both of these on their website, especially to an area where investors may look.

Include the companies' mission statements in your post and analyze why they are or are not effective.
Compare the two organizations' stated strategies and list them for others to read here. Why do you believe the first organization's stated strategy effectively aligns with your notion of that organization?
Why does the other organization's stated strategy not align as well with your notion of that organization? If you were the CEO of this organization, what could you do to ensure that the mission and strategy statements convey what the organization really does?

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The companies we compare are Wal-Mart and General Motors.
The mission of Wal-Mart is "We save people money so they can live better" (1). This mission statement is effective because it conveys to its stakeholders that the company is actively seeking to save money so that they can live better. The focus is on saving money or reducing costs.
The mission of General Motors is "Our unyielding mission to earn customers for life has led to a healthy balance sheet and world-class products that are winning in the marketplace." (3) In my opinion earning customers for life is vague and does not indicate how the company will earn customers for life. This mission statement is not effective.
The strategy of Wal-Mart is ...

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