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Southwest Airlines Mission and Strategy

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Provide an example of a mission statement and corporate strategy. This can come from any public, private, or non-profit organization. Describe how the strategy is evident in the culture of the organization via its actions. Does the strategy mesh well with the mission and vice-versa? If not, how might you apply alternative strategic thinking to allow for greater realization of the mission? Or, if the strategy is solid, is the mission statement weak? How might you tweak the mission?

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Discussion on mission and corporate strategy of Southwest Airlines and how culture acts an enabler in supporting these.

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Strategy Implementation for Southwest Airlines

Describe the organisational design of Southwest Airlines as well as their most important control systems strategy-wise, biggest human resources issues, any relevant factors that come about from their cultural environment and the impact they've had on carrying out the strategy of the Airline.

Assess the fit, or lack thereof, between the mission and strategy of Southwest Airlines, looking at organizational components that are the most vital to carrying out the strategy. Do they complement or detract? Why?

Your answer should take the form of an official business report for the Board.

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