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    Approach to Marketing

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    - Provide a brief overview of the product or service.
    - Discuss your Core Strategy and make sure to connect it to your Mission & Objectives.
    - Include a discussion on Product/Service Positioning.


    We need to continue developing this strategic marketing plan so that it comes together in a few more weeks. Successful ventures have their own unique identities and carefully conceived value propositions.

    - Discuss your Value Proposition (which should take into consideration the Target Market & Competition).
    - Connect this with your Product Positioning and Core Strategy (developed earlier).

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    The product is a phone that releases perfumes. It releases different perfumes in accordance with the tasks performed on the phone. Apps can modify the manner in which different perfumes will be released. The perfumes are designed to make the customer happy, joyful, and peaceful. The phone that releases perfumes is designed to improve the performance of the owner throughout the day. The mission of the company that makes the phone that releases perfumes is to become the largest seller of phone that releases perfumes in the US. The objective is to capture $3 billion market by 2014. If the market of such a large size is to be captured the core strategy ...

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