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Strategic Planning Models Comparison

Please help in choosing a strategic planning model to compare with Bryson's 10-step model, and providing an analysis of why that model might offer advantages to certain public organizations over Bryson's model. Analyze the fit of the model with the organization.

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Take a look at both these sites:
http://managementhelp.org/strategicplanning/models.htm and

This is where we begin.

Let's choose the "Issues Based" planning strategy and compare it with the 10 step idea.

We choose 3 or 4 overarching issues that serve as our foundation.
We then brainstorm - we have substantial staffing meetings where these issues become the sole topics of discussion.
Then, once this is done, we put out a planning document that centers around our issues.
Finally, we put it into practice.
The big issue here is that the organization is looking to its goals and the basic ideas in approaching those goals. The "issues" here really ...

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The strategic planning models comparisons are examined in the solution. The advantages to certain public organizations over Bryson's model is determined.