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    Apple Computers: Steve Jobs

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    How has Apple Computers, under Steve Jobs' leadership, managed to become a major world company, since 1997 (10 years)?

    Case Instructions:

    Please read required article (s) and conduct additional research.

    Study the Background Materials to assimilate and differentiate among strategies

    What does Apple Computer do to attract and maintain customers?

    Identify Apple strategies at the business, corporate, and functional levels.

    Identify the Apple competitive advantage

    Another important

    Analyze whether the stated mission fits the stakeholders' goals and objectives

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    /As per the requirements of the assignment, before explaining about the importance of leadership process of Steve Jobs, firstly we have to explain who Steve is and about the company in which he played a role of leader. //

    Steve Jobs was known as the 'wonder kid' of the Silicon Valley. Steve was renowned for accomplishing outwardly impossible acts. He was one of the minority entrepreneurs who were identified to be 'as famous as a 1970s rock star'. All through the late-1970's (time from when he became the CEO), Apple Computers was always in the reports & news. (Steve Jobs-The Silicon Valley Pioneer, 2007)

    Steve Paul Jobs is the co-founder and CEO of Apple Computer's. He has also been the CEO of Pixar until it was acquired by Disney Corporation. He is recognized as a foremost personality in both the industries of computer and entertainment. He assisted Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of the company, to popularize the personal computer in the late 1970s. He became one of the first persons to observe the marketable potential of the mouse-driven GUI in the early 1980s. (Steve Jobs-The Silicon Valley Pioneer, 2007)

    In 1985, Jobs resigned from Apple after trailing a power tussle with the board of directors. Then, he originated NeXT, a computer platform development company focusing on the advanced education and business markets. The successive buyout of NeXT by Apple in 1997, took Jobs back to Apple, and since then he has been the chief executive officer of the company. Job is known for his insistent (aggressive) and challenging personality. He is identified as one the chief egomaniacs of the Silicon Valley. In order to regain profits, he right away concluded many projects like Newton, Cyberdog, and OpenDoc. (Steve Jobs, 2007)

    //As per the instructions, now there is a need to explain what kind of steps and decisions he takes under his leadership process. This part will not explain all the strategies and leadership processes followed by him, but just guides to understand the effectiveness of his leadership and how he motivates his followers. Remember effective leadership process is the main reason behind the growth and success of the employees as well as the company. //

    Later, many employees were feared of coming across Jobs, ...

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