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Tranformation leader

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1) Discuss 3 things managers can do to build trust. Provide examples based on a clerical or Bank teller experience of possible.

2) Discuss the relationship between organizational culture and change (transformation).

3) Describe what a transformation leader is and any pros/cons.

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1) Discuss 3 things managers can do to build trust. Provide examples based on your experience.

The first thing the managers can do to build trust is to have personal integrity. They must be honest and truthful in dealing with employees. In my experience, a manager had promised a worker a promotion if recovered a broker line of operations so that the project could be completed on time. The worker stayed at the workplace overnight and repaired the line and the project was completed on time. The worker asked for promotion. The HRM refused. The manager stood by his word, and volunteered that his own salary be deducted to finance the promotion of the worker. Finally, the HRM reluctantly gave the promotion. The manager was able to build unshakeable trust with the workers.

The second thing the manager can do is to be fair and equitable. In my experience, I know of a manager that was very fair in his judgment during the annual performance ...

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