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Product and service offering

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How have the following companies differentiated their product/service offering? Pick two and provide your answer.

â?¢ Southwest Airlines vs. JetBlue
â?¢ Budweiser vs. Coors
â?¢ Lowes vs. Home Depot
â?¢ Subway vs. Quesnos
â?¢ Dell PC's vs HP PC's

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// Dell and HP, both the companies deal in information technology and serves somewhat identical products and services. They both face tough competition in their capability and efficiency of their products and services. In the below section, we will briefly discuss the profile of both the companies, which will help the reader to acquire knowledge of their products and services.//

Dell is one of the leading companies in information technology industry and functions in the public sector, small and medium enterprises, and consumer units. The large enterprises involve operations at the global and national level. Public sector includes educational institutes, health care etc. and dell's SMB segment provide products, services and solutions to small and medium enterprises. The company offers several products like, servers, networks, infrastructure technology, clouding, security services etc. It serves products and services, which are manufactured on the basis of customized features opted by its customers (Dell ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 553 words with references.

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