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    Profile of the Current CEO for Apple Inc

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    Can someone help me to create a profile of the current CEO for Apple Inc. including the following:
    o Background and accomplishments
    o Education and educational experiences
    o Length of time in the current position
    o Major career accomplishments
    o Leadership and management styles
    o Vision for the company
    o Innovative accomplishments

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    CEO for Apple Inc.
    Name: Timothy D. Cook

    o Background and accomplishments

    Tim Cook was born in 1960 in Alabama, in the United States. He worked at IBM for 12 years, during which was promoted to CEO of IBM. In 1994, Cook became a CEO at Intelligent Electronics. This was followed by a 6-month stint as a vice president at Compaq.

    In 1998, Cook started working at Apple Inc. In 2002, he was promoted to senior vice president of worldwide sales and operations. In 2011, he was appointed acting CEO of Apple Inc. Later that year, he officially replaced Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple Inc.

    As vice president of Apple, Cook released the iPad Mini, which became the best-selling tablet available. Cook also defended Apple Maps against the ubiquitous Google Maps. In addition, he actively improved working conditions at factories that manufactured iPhones, and was a leader in displaying transparency in the company's suppliers, locations, products produced at each location, and working hours of over a million factory employees.

    Before his death, Jobs was known for telling Cook to run the company as Cook saw fit, and not question himself based on what Jobs would do. Cook proceeded to make a paradigm shift. Cook had built the operations side of Apple from one that was primarily focused on manufacturing products in-house, to one that formed enduring partnerships with the best manufacturers available. These partnerships allowed Apple to manufacture immensely popular and trusted products. The company also acquired Beats.

    Under Steve Jobs, Apple did not provide dividend payments to its stockholders. Cook changed that when he became CEO, and Apple now has dividend yield of 1.86%.

    In 2015, Cook made the decision to sue Samsung over copyright infringement. Apple's stance was that in addition to paying for the infringement on Apple's patents, Samsung should also provide monetary compensation for damaging Apple's reputations as an innovator and for resulting in ...

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