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    Modeling the Way

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    1. Identified a leader who is considered an exemplar of good leadership or among the most admired in the country and produced a profile of that leader's positive attributes.

    2. Researched how the leader's company inspires the workers and managers to emulate the positive attributes reported in the leader's profile.

    3. Researched how the leader's company develops leadership skills among its high potential managers.

    4. Explained how a leader can model the way for others.

    5. Explained how modeling the way allows leaders to set the standards of leadership.

    6. Analyze and justify the three most important qualities a leader who models the way must possess.

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    Exemplary leadership:

    The leader that we are going to look at is Steve Jobs who managed to lead Apple Inc and Pixar Animation Studios to become successful companies. He one of the world's most recognized executives and has managed to build a strong customers and stockholders following. He has managed to increase Apple's growth and reputation in his period as the leader in the company through development of various revolutionary products.

    Jobs is considered a visionary leader who was able to develop dynamic and compelling ideas. Jobs exhibited his visionary trait more so when the companies he was leading were facing crisis whereby he managed to convince talented employees to stay with NeXT and Apple when the companies were on the verge of bankruptcy (Steve Jobs Leadership, 2011). He was also a visionary because he had great ideas on innovative products that are known for quality and are well designed which facilitated increased performance in Apple. Gupta (2010) presents Steve Jobs as an inspirational leader because he had the ability to surprise and deliver on vision.

    Another leadership trait portrayed by Steve Jobs is his ability to maintain a relationship with customers. He chose to wear jeans and t-shirt in his presentations so to appeal to customers and this improved his closeness with customers. Kramer (2010) provides that Jobs exhibits autocratic and transformational leadership styles. He was an autocrat since he had total control in the organization and was assertive in what he wanted people to do. He was a transformational leader because he caused positive changes in organizations that he worked. A transformational leader is able to develop a vision, sell it and is able to ...

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