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Modeling Technique and the Christy Story

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An African American lady named Christy who is "fiercly independent." She has raised her three children on her own after her husband left her and works hard to make sure they are taken care of. Her attitude, motivation, and drive for success have influenced all of her children immensly. Setting a great example for determination, Christy makes sure her children try their best at everything and do not quit. Although they have a great work ethic and are highly motivated towards success, her children can come across mouthy and rude at times, especially if they are not getting their way. Unfortunately, Christy's bad attitude towards her circumstances in life has been a model in her children's life as well. They do not mind hurting others feelings. Christy addressed the issue asking her children why they behaved so rudely and became offended so easily. They answered, "You do it all the time, Mom." At that moment, Christy realized that the years she spent climbing to the top, her children were watching not only her good moments, but her bad as well. She felt she had to act a certain way to get ahead in life, but never thought her children would become the same way, especially since she provided them with so many opportunities.

Do you think learning by modeling after their parents, grandparents, etc. is a common type of learning technique for African American families?

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I think that parents of every ethnicity and culture influence their children. This is not just specific to African-American culture. In this circumstance, Christy was unaware of how her negative behaviors and words were also affecting her children and teaching them the way ...

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