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Educational Case Study and Developmental Areas

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This solution shows how Molly has shown evidence of development in each of the five developmental areas.


Yakiko, Laura, and Maria are playing school. Maria is the teacher and is "reading" a story to Yakiko and Laura. She holds the book up facing the two friends modeling the way the lady at the library does during story time. Maria's mother notices the girls playing school and asks what materials they need. She brings in markers, papers, scissors, tape, and more books. The girls begin to make their own books with the materials provided. Mother notices Laura has difficulty beginning her book and begins asking questions about the story to help Laura organize her ideas. When Laura finishes, she asks the others if they would like to hear her "read" her story to them.




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SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL: Notice how the mother displays love and nurturing qualities by taking an active interest in daughter's literacy. Their reading time denotes social attributes because of the quality of time spent together, bonding as mother/daughter. Although the passage states that they've read the same book nightly, the mother shows no boredom. She sparks enthusiasm toward the daughter's reading. In addition to showing support, notice how the mother also helps build social skills through modeling turn-taking, questioning, patience, and active listening skills.
The ending shows modeling when the daughter reads to her bear, transferring her social skills into her own context. Look also at the meaning in "MOLLY SQUEALS WITH DELIGHT." Her emotional ...

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