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Effectiveness of Extended Learning Time and Instruction - Sources Only

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Please help me find 15 research studies from primary sources that address the question:

Does extended learning time or supplemental instruction impact student achievement?

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Solution Summary

The effectiveness of extended learning time and instructions are examined. The extended learning time or supplemental instruction impact student achievement is discussed.

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The impact of supplemental instruction on learning competence and academic performance. By: Hoi Kwan Ning; Downing, Kevin. Studies in Higher Education. Dec2010, Vol. 35 Issue 8, p921-939. 19p

THE EFFECT OF SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION ON TIMELY GRADUATION. By: Bowles, Tyler J.; McCoy, Adam C.; Bates, Scott. College Student Journal. Sep2008, Vol. 42 Issue 3, p853-859. 7p.

SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION IMPROVES GRADES BUT NOT PERSISTENCE. By: OJA, MICHELLE. College Student Journal. Jun2012, Vol. 46 Issue 2, p344-349. 6p

The Role of Supplemental Instruction in Success and Retention in Math Courses at a Hispanic-Serving Institution. By: Meling, Vanessa Bogran; Kupczynski, Lori; Mundy, Marie-Anne; Green, Mary E. Business Education Innovation ...

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