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    Benchmark Assessment for Intellectual Disability

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    Significant Connections for Families of an ID Child (Benchmark Assessment)

    a) Interview a teacher of students with Intellectual Disability. Specifically, focus your interview questions concerning the impact an individual with Intellectual Disability has on family structure. You may also want to center your questions on the collaborative skills necessary for teachers to possess when interacting with families who have a child with Intellectual Disability.
    b) Next, attend an IEP meeting and/or conference for a student with Intellectual Disability.
    i) During the meeting, note the interactions that take place, facilitation skills that are employed during the meeting and the manner in which information is disseminated to parents.
    ii) According to what you have learned in this course, are these interactions, skills, etc. appropriate in terms of effective interactions with parents of children with Intellectual Disability?
    iii) Write a response that chronicles your observations and reactions, using your text and notes from lectures, and your recommendations to foster better collaboration with regard to what you observed in the meeting.

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    Example of Benchmark assessment, IEP interactions with family of student with ID Performance assessment is based on observation and judgment; we look at the performance or end product as to its quality. Examples included the following: Complex performances such as playing a musical instrument, carrying out specific steps, which can be as simple as correctly buttoning up a shirt, folding a shirt or as complex correctly as playing a musical instrument even reading aloud or balancing a bank account. In ID cases, it is the doing the process that is important.

    To meet this objective, the IEP meeting was very formal with four school officials on one side of a long meeting table, community and social worker, and the parent of the student on the other side. The meeting took place on a Monday morning. I was greeting by the assistant principle. The assistant principle was head of the special education department at this particular school. May and June are the busiest time for IEP's according to the assistant principle. The school was a pre-K to grade 5.

    The meeting was for the student's IEP to be amended and include various programs with methods and goals for outcome in those programs. The idea was presented before but the educators wanted to make sure the student continued to receive the services she would need. Therefore ...

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