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    Gilbert's Theorem

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    Using Gilbert's W = A/B Theorem: Describe an activity in your work, in terms of worthy performance. What do you accomplish, in terms of measurable, valuable results? What is the cost of the behavior you put into this activity (the amount of pay you receive, as you carry out the behaviors needed to accomplish the results, as well as other costs)?

    Describe another activity in your work, in the same terms. This time, find an activity that may have more or less worth—an activity that costs more to produce results, or an activity that produces less valuable results than the first activity.
    Compare these two activities.

    What did you learn by calculating the worth of these two activities?
    How can these lessons and ideas be applied to whole organizations?

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    "Using Gilbert's W=A/B Theorem"

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    Using Gilbert's W = A/B Theorem
    1. Using Gilbert's W = A/B Theorem: Provide an overview (or description) of Gilbert and the meaning of his W=A/B Theorem.
    According to Clearworth Ltd. (2005), Thomas F. Gilbert describes himself as an engineer, behaviorist and philosophy. When he published "Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance" in 1978, his intent was to correct a deficiency in the workplace. Numerous books had been written on human competence but none targeted the issue in a comprehensive and systematic manner.
    Gilbert's intention was to explain human competence and translate theory into practical step-by-step procedures that managers and other "performance engineers" could use to banish incompetence from the workplace" (2005). His approach appears to follow an engineering path, rather than a psychological path to improve performance.
    The term "worthy performance" comes from Gilbert's first theorem, and is written as:
    W=f (A/B) W - Worthy performance
    f - function sign
    A - Accomplishment
    B - Behavior
    or Worthy Performance = Value of accomplishments
    Costs of behavior

    Gilbert suggests that "worthy" refers to humans who consistently perform because the work is valuable to them. He "suggested that we all should aim for more leisure. This was not a proposal to be lazy or ...

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    This assignment describes Gilbert's Theorem and the elements of his Behavior Engineering Model.