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Theory: Cognitive Load Theory

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In 150-200 words describe how the Cognitive Load Theory applies to Gilbert's BEM category of work instructions and guidance.

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When applying the Cognitive Load Theory to Gilbert's BEM category of work instructions and guidance, an understanding of the theoretical framework must first be possessed. The instructional theory, Cognitive Load Theory is predicated upon the belief that human beings have ...

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This solution provides a brief description of how the cognitive load theory applies to Gilbert's BEM category of work instructions.

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Cognitive Load Theory: Medical Education

Relating cognitive load theory to medical education, how can this theory be applied in lesson planning? We must only use this one theory to describe how we can apply the theory behind this process in medical education lesson planning. For example, if we were to teach the student on the ECG tracing of the heart in a 3 hour session, how would we used cognitive load theory to best plan this lesson?

This should include a brief history of CLT, details of the theory, how it has evolved medical education and how it can be used to plan a lesson on teaching the ECG (heart tracing).

This essay is primarily focused on teaching undergraduate medical students the ECG (http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/ecg-interpretation.aspx). Using cognitive load theory to plan a lesson (justifying each section of the lesson plan using cognitive load theory).

Please include as many references as possible.

This is for a masters level report.

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