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Standards in Research: APA Ethics Code

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What was the central purpose for developing the first APA Ethics Code? Was that purpose accomplished? Why or why not? Why were revisions to the code deemed necessary in 2002? How did those revisions affect the ethical principles of the code?

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Hi, and thanks for choosing Brain Mass! The central purpose for developing the first APA ethical codes was central for the first time to the fact that the ethical codes helped to lay out the parameters of informed consent and how patients should be treated. What this means is that they helped to explain for psychologists conducting intervention research on experimental treatments what the parameters for research and treatment. Researchers are now required to inform participants of the following below:

The experimental nature of the treatment. The services that will or will not be available to the control group(s). The means by which assignment to treatment and control groups will be made. Available treatment alternatives if an individual does not wish to participate in the research or wishes to withdraw once a study has begun. One of the biggest differences from today's APA ethical codes is that the 1953 ...

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