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Body Fat and Diet Program/BodPod

A 5'9", 140lb 32 year old female has a body fat percentage of 32% when measured using the BodPod. How accurate is her assessment? Where does she stand? Design a one week diet program to help her reach her goals.

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The BOD POD uses air displacement to measure body composition. It is similar to hydrostatic weighing, in that it measures body mass using a precise scale, and volume to determine body density. In order to be as accurate as possible, the volume of air in the lungs must be determined. This method is considered highly accurate, and typically measurements of body composition made in a BOD POD agree within 1 percent of those made by hydrostatic weighing, which is considered ...

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This solution discusses the accuracy of BodPod assessments, and designs a one week diet program to help a woman with 32 percent body fat reach her goals. Includes formatted paper, including APA formatted references.